Community Residential Services

We appreciate that you have decided to further investigate what our Community Residential Services are all about, since we don’t run a typical “group home” at SCS.  Our greatest desire for each of our clients is for them to have a place they can call “Home”.  “Home” is that special place where you belong.  Each one of us needs to know we belong, that we can be comfortable with who we are and are accepted by those around us.  It’s the place our clients can call their own!  There is just something about having your own home – it’s not your parents, it’s not your friend’s – it’s yours!

Anything seems possible when you’re surrounded by people who believe in you.  At Synstelien Community Services, care-givers find ways to support each person in achieving their dreams in life.  That’s what being “home” is all about, and developing a place called “home” is what SCS is committed to do for the individuals we serve.

Along with helping our clients feel at home, we offer:

  • Quality management that guarantees a consistent delivery of services.
  • Top quality Direct Support Staff – the training never stops!
  • A broad experience with medical needs, including Gastrostomy tubes, indwelling catheters, seizure disorders, chronic respiratory ailments, etc…
  • Outstanding local Medical & Dental Clinics, and Hospital facilities…
  • Sensory Integration Programs
  • Positive Behavior Support Experience
  • Professional crisis management
  • Every residence has a dedicated vehicle for on-demand transportation for consumer needs.
  • Active community involvement for consumers.
  • …and much, much more!

To learn more about our Community Residential Services:

email: openings@scslife.com

phone: (218) 736-7322