Daryl Synstelien, Owner, daryl@scslife.com
Daryl  provided vision as co-owner for the proprietorship of Synstelien Foster Homes from 1993 to 1999, when the growing company incorporated as Synstelien Community Services.  His vision is for SCS to provide the highest quality of services and care through a “person-centered” and team-oriented approach to meet the needs of disabled individuals.


Linda Synstelien, Owner,  linda@scslife.com
Linda served as co-owner and Business Administrator for the proprietorship of Synstelien Foster Homes from 1993 to 1999 and continues today in the position of CFO for Synstelien Community Services. Linda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. Linda is a “master” at data organization and interpretation. 

Jennifer Baker, Chief Executive Officer, jennifer@scslife.com
Jennifer provides direction and oversight for all daily operational activities of SCS. She also oversees human resources, employee relations, benefits and training.  As a member of the SCS Executive Team, Jennifer collaborates with other Executive Team members on strategic planning, project development, and company communications.  Jennifer provides essential visionary leadership for the company’s movement into the future.
Lee Danielson, Deputy Executive Officer, lee@scslife.com
Lee brings a strong background in financial management to the SCS Executive Team.  He is solid and steady, bringing many years of valuable business and management experience to this critical role with Synstelien Community Services.  Lee is responsible for payroll, billing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable duties.
Terry Beck, Social Services Manager, terry@scslife.com
Terry provides administrative direction for the delivery of all services to our clients.  She is experienced in the oversight of residential facilities providing therapeutic treatment and daily living support to adults with developmental and physical disabilities, mental illness, dementia, traumatic brain injuries, and addiction issues. Terry holds a Bachelors degree in Social Work from Minnesota State University, Moorhead.